Listen to some of our client success stories below to learn what life was like before joining the programme, and the results they have seen since starting…

Welma Nagel – Burger & Buurman Inc 

“Compared to February 2018, our turnover has tripled and we haven’t even touched on marketing yet “

Paul Carvell – The SFB Group

“Turnover trebled, staff numbers doubled and I now work 4 days a week and take 10 weeks holiday a year”

Antony Holdsworth – E H Taylors

“I have achieved more during the 9 months I have been with Rudi than I achieved in the preceding 5 years”

Joanne Bell – Bells Accounting

“It’s cut out years of mistakes because you can lean on the expertise of everybody else in the programme”

Naz Khaliq – Dynamix Accountancy

“I have more control and a much more energised, proactive team that’s hitting it’s relatively ambitious targets”

Gavin & Lorraine – First Base Accountants

“With Rudi’s help our turnaround time has reduced from over 60 days to less than 30 days”

Robert Fergusson – William Duncan & Co

“We’ve probably saved £100,000 in annual running costs and overheads by dealing with staff matters head on”

Tom McGuinness – Century Business Services

“The programme opened my mind to what could be achieved and it has raised my expectations considerably as a result”

David Beck – Beck Office

“I’m a lot calmer, my net-profit is easily up by 20% and I know exactly where I’m going with my business”

Scott Pheby – Phebys

“Implementing outsourcing has freed up time for us to work with our clients on a much more collaborative basis”

Chris & Neil – One Accounting

“We’re sitting with about £50,000 extra in the bank and in the first 6 months of this year our sales are up by 10%”

Keith Graham – Westbury

“We’ve seen real cultural change. I’m amazed by how much some of our managers have stepped up to the mark”

Jeremy Harbinson – Harbinson Mulholland

“4-5 months after our original strategic plan so many of our weaknesses had changed or gone completely”

Denver & Christina – Williams Accountants

“In 9 months we’ve become an 80% paperless office and all of our clients are now on the cloud”

Kelvin Alexander – Hawkins Priday

“Don’t let this be a last resort. I wish I’d done this 10 years ago. I’d be in a very different place.”

Matt Donnelly – AD+

“I’ve personally grown more in the last few months as an individual than I have in the 38 years up till now”

Colin Comerford – Comerford Foley

“Our turnover has increased by 45% and our profits have increased by 35%”

Oliver Grills – J A Fell

“As a sole practitioner, having somebody to hold me accountable is incredibly valuable”

Graham Eden – Cognitor

“What we get from Rudi that we don’t get from anybody else is the catalyst to implement all of our thoughts & ideas”

Ashley Barrowclough – Balance Accountants

“We’ve seen a major reduction in debtors days and more importantly our profit targets for next year are 4x this years”

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