In order to track your progress throughout the programme, we use a martial arts grading system. When you join the programme, you will be given your white belt. As you progress and start implementing things you will move up the belts all the way to black belt. When you reach black belt, this is the point where you are no longer a client of ours and have achieved everything that you set out to do.

On average, it takes anywhere from 12-36 months to progress from white belt to black belt. We have no fixed-term contract for the programme and have a 1-month notice period. We don’t believe in tying people down to long-term contracts and if it’s not working out we’ll be the first to let you know. That’s why it’s in our best interests to make sure that you get the results you’re looking for.

On a weekly basis, you will have a call with Rudi and the rest of the mastermind & coaching community. These calls will be a mixture of goal setting, accountability, and knowledge sharing. There’s no requirement for you to attend every single week, but our most successful clients are the ones who do.

Unlike some other programmes, we don’t use additional coaches or mentors to deliver the training. Rudi is the only coach you will be working with throughout the programme. Upon joining you will be appointed a client care manager whose responsibility it is to onboard you and be your first point of call.

As well as only having a 1-month notice period, we also offer a full 30-day money back guarantee. If after the first 30 days of starting the programme you haven’t began to see any results, we’ll refund you in full. We’re confident about our programme and the results that we can get, that’s why we aim to remove as much risk for you as possible.

We take confidentiality very seriously. However, due to the mastermind element of our programme, in order to get the best results an openness to sharing with others in the programme is required.

If you’re interested in joining the mastermind & coaching programme, you can book in your 20-minute discovery call below. During this call, a member of my team will listen to your challenges and figure out if you’ll be a right fit for the programme. If you are, then they’ll arrange a 2ndconversation to talk more about how it works. Before this 2ndconversation, you’ll be asked to call and speak to at least 3 of my current clients to ask them anything you want. If you haven’t done this before this meeting, it will be rescheduled. After this, you’ll be invited to join the programme and we’ll pencil in a date for your Roadmap.

Our Mastermind & Coaching Programme holds you accountable to implementing and achieving consistent results. But don’t just take our word for it…


Book your 20-minute discovery call today to find out if you’d be a right fit for the programme.