In October 2017, having coached accountants for the previous 6 years, I decided to put my money where my mouth is, quite literally, and acquire my own accountancy practice.

Based in North London, it currently has 10 team members, about 450 clients and some very ambitious goals and dreams for where we are going in the near future.

When I originally acquired the practice, it was home to all of the usual challenges:

  • High lock-up
  • Lack of technology and automation
  • Inefficient systems and processes
  • Etc

And at the time of writing (about 8 months on) we are slowly but surely building some solid foundations from which we can grow, scale and deliver even more value to our clients.

I often refer to my practice as my ‘laboratory’. It’s a place where I can try and test new ideas, to constantly innovate and figure out how to make things better for me and my clients.

So be rest assured. I’m not just preaching from the soap box about how things could be done. I’m actually doing this stuff with you, every week in my own practice.

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